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Episode 1

Sentinels of the Mediterranean, an expedition to understand the effects of climate change

After having travelled all the oceans of the planet, photographer Greg Lecoeur has chosen to launch an exploration into the Mediterranean. The one week expedition launches from Nice. The crew is made up of divers, videographers and scientists. They will live together on the catamaran. Fred, the captain, is heading for Corsica. The different habitats of the Mediterranean are represented there: from the shallow coastal areas to the open ocean, passing through the abysses and the deep underwater canyons with cold, plankton rich water from the depths.

Episode 2

Fin whales and coral: the endangered treasures of the Mediterranean

We could have missed the encounter of a lifetime if Greg Lecoeur, the expedition leader, had not been so vigilant. At full speed on deck, Fred, our cameraman, tries to capture the elusive fin whale which is only visible on the surface for a few seconds. It’s the largest mammal in the Mediterranean.

Episode 3

Biodiversity: Posidonia (seagrass), the lungs of the ocean

Posidonia provides a refuge for hundreds of species. It has survived 100 million years of upheaval. Under the protection of researchers, sheltered from human interference, it remains luxuriant. It’s a small victory for the director of Stareso, Pierre Lejeune. He now has proof that Posidonia can survive global warming, provided it is kept away from it’s real threat, the boats.

Episode 4

Fin whales, pilot whales and mobula rays: diving with the giants of the Mediterranean

The fin whale is a giant of the seas, it grows up to 20 metres long and 70 tonnes in weight. It is one of the many species that make up the wealth of the Mediterranean. We are going to observe the whale and other marine mammals for a scientific mission. The nature photographer Greg Lecoeur, at the head of the mission, welcomes Léa David, world specialist in cetaceans. She has been studying then for more than twenty years. Lea is one of many scientists invited to one of this expeditions stages.

Episode 5

“When the grouper goes, everything goes”: diving into the heart of a sanctuary for marine animals

Le photographe Greg Lecoeur et son équipe ont mis le cap vers le parc national Port-Cros dans le Var. Cette nouvelle étape a pour but de mesurer les bénéfices d’une réserve, mais il reste encore pas mal de navigation. Léo, le capitaine, et Marie, sa seconde, vont se relayer toute la nuit pour naviguer. Au réveil, l’île de Port-Cros est en vue. “On est dans une aire marine protégée au parc national marin de Port-Cros. On va les suivre quand ils vont faire du comptage de poisson”, dit Greg Lecoeur, responsable naturaliste de l’expédition “We are Méditerranée”.als


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